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We’re glad that you found our Intergenerational, International Improv community! Did you know that your attitudes about aging actually affect your health as you age? Take a look at who we are and learn all about us. We hope you enjoy our site & drop us a line. COME JOIN US!

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These are our services, You can click and see the services. if you don’t understand anything, feel free to ask us.

Zoomers-To-Boomers Improve

This class opens up new ways to be creative as well as provide a space to be comfortable with a greater variety of people

Integeneratinal Brideges

Virtual Intergenerational Improv Theater games are a great way to connect across age and cultural groups! See details from below.

Dramatic Strides Coaching

Join us in our Dramatic Strides Coaching. Please email to Yael (instructor) to help out your community! Tell us from “Contact”.

Facilitate Family-Fun

 Yael and Gary create a beautiful community and you all feel very happy after the workshop! Please let Yeal know from “Contact”.

Here is our best coachers for the classes.

Yael Schy

Yael Schy is a dynamic theater and dance instructor, improviser, storyteller, singer/songwriter, and stand-up comedian known for her creative approach that makes learning FUN! Yael has been performing and teaching theater and dance for all age groups for almost 50 years, including being a pioneer in teaching INTERGENERATIONAL IMPROVISATION for more than a decade. She is the director of All That Jazz, a San Francisco Bay Area musical improv troupe, and a founding member of the Applied Improvisation Network.

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Gary Ware

Gary Ware, the Founder of Breakthrough Play, is a sought-after Corporate Facilitator and Keynote Speaker with nearly a decade of experience as a performer in improv theatre. He assists teams with unlocking creativity and confidence, and sparks collaboration with experiential methods proven to drive peak performance.  As a facilitator, Gary has worked with people of all ages. His experience has ranged from improv workshops assisting elementary school students with emotional intelligence, to Laughter Yoga at assisted living facilities.  

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Opportunity connecting to everybody

Virtual Intergenerational Improv Theater games are a great way to connect across age and cultural groups! This is NOT your average improv class! We also have heartfelt, intergenerational conversations about life. And unlike most improv classes, we welcome all levels of experience, so that we can learn from each other.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Facilitators/Coaches

Yael Schy led an intergenerational improv class daily at a week-long music camp I attended. At age 65, I was not new to improv as I had taken quite few classes with other seniors.

Proven Results

Continueously incresing the class mates. and People who joined classes keep joining to the next class! Why don't you join us!


Virtual Intergenerational Improv Theater games for teens through elders from around the world can help us bridge the generation gap and geographical / cultural boundaries!

"Yael is one of the best improv teachers I've ever had, including my time taking classes at Upright Citizens Brigade, Los Angeles! She makes every class so incredibly fun, while also providing constructive feedback to help everyone improve at their craft. My class was filled with many different ages, spanning from pre-teens to seniors. It can sometimes be difficult to teach improv to so many different ages, especially since one aspect of improv is shared experiences - luckily Yael's specialty is finding the commonality within us all!"
Alexina Boudreaux-Allen
"It was a great honor to be in the first intergenerational improv class [at BATS] with Yael Schy and Gary Ware. I have been improvising for over 10 years and teaching it too, but I found Yael’s style refreshing and learned so much from being in this cross-generational group. Not only did we do improv together, but Yael and Gary ensured that we had intergenerational dialogue as well. Yael guided me to “embrace my mistakes as gifts” and listen carefully to my scene partners. After a few weeks of this class, I feel more relaxed on stage and readier than ever to try new things! Even though we were all online, Yael and Gary created a beautiful community and we all felt very bonded after it. And the carefully curated show at the end left me with a deep sense of accomplishment! I’d give this class my highest recommendation!"
Radhika Rao

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